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About Iain Henshaw

Born in 1961 Iain Henshaw had an ordinary life completing his education at comprehensive level and succeeding in gaining several CSE's. After a year in sixth form trying to get some O'levels to get into the RAF life changed.Photography beckoned. Not in college as you might expect although this was the first intention, but retail. A stint selling CB radios then mobile DJ equipment and loitering around the Apollo Theatre in Manchester led to a meeting with David Robbo Robinson. He was looking for a crew to take a roadshow out for British Airways tour......... Mr Robinson was impressed.

A temporary stint in the warehouse led to a full time role when Iain would delve into the pile of U/S equipment and return a short time later with the repaired dimmer, lantern or smoke machine. Design naturally led from here as it often does in the warehouse. The easier jobs were always given to the warehouse bods to design, prepare and install. Having a warehouse full of kit and getting out on site allowed Iain to hone his skills and expand his imagination. A personal crisis saw Iain running off to Holland to work for Marco DeBoer's Primo. Another warehouse but this this time with sound and set. Taking the 4515 30W pinsopt lamps out of 8 arm helicopters and fitting them with 250W A/C's soon got him noticed. Several discos and trade shows later Iain returned to the UK.

Sat in Mike Sweetland Lighting then MSL Iain answered the phone. "Can you do a show in Manchester tomorrow?" Of course. That was the start of a freelance event lighting career that lasted for almost 20 years. There was no doubt Iain's designs were different, not having a lighting design background meant the approach was original, that and a love of  light both natural and artificial soon saw him as a trend setter. During his life with MSL Iain got a back of fag packet stage set design with a brief to light it. This was for a military themed conference at Blackpool's Pembroke Hotel for Nick Wigley.  Turning up with a van full of kit and just going for it blew Nick's socks off. He loved the approach, the attitude and the end result. Upon his return from Holland Iain was contacted by Nick who had now gone on his own with Project Multi Media which went on to become Project Worldwide. This led to a seventeen year relationship working for major global corporations including IBM, ICI, Toshiba, Astra Zeneca, Cisco Systems and Unilever to name a few.  

September 11th 2001 saw a major change in the world and this impacted the corporate market. Having a separate office from home it was decided to move to the Yorkshire Dales in 2003 and combine home, office and workshop into one place. Another year or two in the conference industry   which included technical management and direction it was time to find the time to spend airmiles rather than earn them. Family life was what mattered. In 2006 Iain became a Part P registered electrician and is enrolled with the NICEIC for domestic installations and to allow him to continue designing and manufacturing his own fittings. Have a wander around the site, see projects old and new, get an insight into the man through his other interests and remember his imagination knows no limits.

March 2008