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Retail Giant Sees the Light

Stylist Sue Storer wanted to improve the visuals for The North Face. Having worked in retail both on the shop floor and at exhibitions Sue knew how much good lighting design really works. See saw my advert in the Bentham News and being a couple of miles away couldn't believe her luck. We had a meeting and she put her faith in me and put me forward to light her displays. Since 2005 I've lit her displays at the northern salesroom twice a year, winter & autumn. Last year London and Dublin were included and a whole new display lighting scheme was born.

With a background of trying to get lights in impossible situations. Using imaginary methods of suspension and commonsense ease of use I set about a system that would allow the sales staff in the office to easily modify the lighting rig. The result.......

Animation of before and
            after Sue Storer and Iain Henshaw