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Bespoke LED solutions

Image of prototype fitting

This is the test / mockup for a 1 watt Luxeon based led fitting to light a conservatory roof. The client ordered 24 fittings.

His & Her star signs.

Sue & Steve Arnott wanted something different for their bathroom. We discussed various ideas and settled on their star signs created with point source fittings modified to take leds. The effect is fantastic - it's bathtime by starlight.
image of led

Radio / Remote Control

Image of remote
                    lighting control system

Some times it's not practical to chase into a wall to install a new light switch for say an outside light.

Remote control systems are an ideal alternative. Using something as familar as a car style fob it's possible to contol upto 4 separate lighting circuits. You can even control the lights as you drive to your house.

Backup lighting systems.

Leaving in a rural area that is prone to power failiure it is important to have a backup lighting system.

Similar to an emergency lighting system and using standard uninteruptable power supplies. s1b.com can construct bespoke systems using led light sources to keep enegy consumption low.
Image of
                      backup lighting control system.

Use the contact us link above and we'll see what we can do.

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